Marquee Yearbook

How To Buy A Yearbook

A step-by-step tutorial on how to buy your own yearbook! Be sure to buy one now while supplies last. 

Step 1

Go to and type in our school order number 486. Click “Enter”.

Step 2

A screen should appear which confirms that you have selected to buy a yearbook from Dreyfoos School of the Arts. Click “Continue.” 

Step 3

Click the button that says “Order A Yearbook.”

Step 4

Select the items that you want to purchase and then press “Continue.”

Step 5

Click on the button that says “Student.”

Step 6

Type in your first and last name in the spaces provided. Once you click “Find Student,”  your name should appear with your grade level and major listed. Confirm that this is the correct information and then click “Done.”

Step 7

Finally, proceed to checkout and enter your payment information. 

Step 8

Enjoy! We are so excited for you to see all of the hard work we’ve put into this yearbook! 

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How To Buy A Yearbook